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Introducing CARMA Rewards Club | Reasons To Join

Introducing CARMA Rewards Club | Reasons To Join

Are you a frequent online shopper always on the lookout for great savings? Look no further than CARMA Rewards Club! As a member, you'll unlock a world of exclusive discounts so that you can save on your favourite brands. 

Let's dive into the incredible benefits that await you!

1. Discounts For Days

Who doesn't love a good deal? CARMA Rewards Club members enjoy exclusive discounts for over 230 brands across 16 different categories. We've partnered with big name brands such as Pet Circle, Booktopia, Youfoodz and more! But we're not stopping there, we partner with new brands every month, so there's always something new for our members.

The best part is that the savings from using just a few of our discount codes could completely cover the cost of your monthly membership fees for an entire year!

2. VIPet Treatment

There are additional benefits for pet owners! If you have a pet listed with Central Animal Records, you can access over 20 online features, many of which are designed to help get lost pets home quickly and safely!

If your pet is not listed on Central Animal Records yet, that's no problem! CARMA Rewards Club members can list their first pet on Central Animal Records for free (provided that the microchip is not listed on any national database). Any subsequent pets can be listed for a once-off fee of $10.

3. Exclusive Giveaways

We're all about giving back to our members - that's why we run free giveaways for new and returning members. When new members sign-up or existing members renew their subscription, they automatically go into the draw to win our giveaway for that month.

The longer you're a member, the more free bonus entries you'll receive, giving you more chances to win!

4. Giving Back

Up to 10% of our revenue is donated every month to at least 3 organisations. We support a total of 18 charities and not-for-profit organisations which covers animal welfare, wildlife conservation, humanitarian projects and environmental initiatives.


What sets CARMA Rewards Club apart?

Unlike other rewards programs, CARMA Rewards Club is designed to cater to your unique interests and preferences. We understand that everyone has different passions and desires, which is why we offer such a wide range of discounts.

Whether you're a travel enthusiast, a fashion lover, a tech geek, or a foodie, we have discounts for you. From unique experiences and designer fashion to the latest gadgets and hair and beauty products, the possibilities are endless.


How to sign up?

Signing up for the CARMA Rewards Club is quick and easy. Simply visit our website and click 'Sign-Up'. During the sign-up process, make sure to enter the promo code '3FREE' to receive your 3 free bonus entries for our upcoming giveaways.

OR click here to sign-up to CARMA Rewards Club.


Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

Now is the perfect time to join the CARMA Rewards Club and start enjoying the benefits of being a member. Get your 3 free bonus giveaway entries with the code '3FREE' today!

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