About CARMA Rewards Club

CARMA Rewards Club was established in December 2023 with the aim to create a rewards program focused on giving back to both its members as well as animal welfare organisations, wildlife conservation, humanitarian projects and environmental initiatives.


Starting off on the right paw:

Thanks to Central Animal Records, Australia's largest national database for companion animal microchips, we're able to offer the V.I.Pet service to CARMA Rewards Club members. V.I.Pet unlocks additional features for pet owners to ensure that they have the best chances of being reunited with their pets when they go missing.


Discounts, Discounts & More Discounts:

We approached over 200 organisations across 16 categories to offer a wide range of discount codes to our members. Thanks to our low membership fee, our members are able to cover the cost of their annual membership just by making use of a few discount codes on products and services they loved.



From day one, we pledged to donate 5-10% of our revenue to charities, organisations and projects which shared our passion for animals, people and our environment. We currently support 18 organisations in total with 5% of the membership fees for CRC members and 10% of the membership fees for CRC MAX members.



Finally, we wanted to do something big for CARMA Rewards Club members, so we decided to run exclusive giveaways. All CARMA Rewards Club members get 1-3 FREE giveaway entries when they sign-up or renew their membership.

We also issue bonus entries based on how long members have been with us.

The exclusive giveaways are our way of thanking all our members for being part of CARMA Rewards Club.


Full Transparency:

We set our giveaways apart by allowing members to calculate their odds at the touch of a button. Our system calculates odds by comparing a user's number of entries and the total number of active entries in circulation!

All our draws are conducted through 'Randomdraws.com.au'. Their random draw system (TPAL Electronic Draw System) is government certified and compliant for all Australian states (including QLD, SA, NSW, and WA) to use for drawing winners, for trade promotions, competitions, and raffles. After every draw, we received a certificate of compliance. We also keep a log of all the active entries in circulation at the exact time of the draw down to the second.

Results are generally published within a few business days of a draw closing. These results are available on our website and we also send results via email to ALL users on the database including the winner(s).


We'd love for you to join the CARMA Rewards Club!