V.I.Pet (Included With CRC Membership)

Requires pet to be listed on Central Animal Records.


What is V.I.Pet?

You can unlock 21 exclusive online features for your pet owner login on Central Animal Records. We know how much pets mean to their owners, V.I.Pet was designed to help better protect your pet and ensure they can always find their way back home. 

    Exclusive V.I.Pet Features:

    Becoming a CARMA Rewards Club member unlocks the following features for your Central Animal Records (C.A.R.) login.

    • Pet Profile Image: Add an image of your pet to the profile. This is also very useful for vets and council rangers to view should your pet ever go missing.
    • Owner Profile Image: You can now personalise your C.A.R. profile by adding a user image. This can also allow vet clinics and councils to see that the correct owner is collecting a pet.
    • Active Recovery Service:When 'Very Important Pets' go missing, Central Animal Records will alert local vets and councils through their account with C.A.R. Your pet will also be listed on the public 'Lost Pets Dashboard'.
    • Lost Pet Poster Studio: Owners can use the studio templates to create a printable missing poster for your pet, complete with photo, description, optional reward and contact details.
    • Monthly Newsletter:Articles, health advice and tips, many written by qualified veterinarians will be made available exclusively for V.I.Pet owners. You can even go back and view previous articles to ensure that you don't miss a thing.
    • Custom Reminders: If you're always forgetting when you need to give your pet worming tablets or when their next vaccination is due, add it into the system and we will send you an in-app notification reminder.
    • Medical Condition Listing: Does your pet have a medical condition that vet clinics or councils would need to be aware of if your pet goes missing and is handed in to them? You can now add this to your pet's record.
    • Area Based Alerts: When there are environmental dangers such as wild weather in your area, you may be alerted. C.A.R. may also notify you if there are certain health risks for your pet in your area such as disease outbreaks. Vet clinics, councils and C.A.R. staff have the ability to post notifications to alert VIPet owners of health risks in real-time. Some alerts such as Parvovirus outbreaks will also be posted thanks to a collaboration with Paws For A Purpose.
    • Priority Phone Support: V.I.Pet owners don't have to wait on the phone when they call Central Animal Records. Simply use the dedicated V.I.Pet contact number to jump the queue.
    • Pet Age Calculator: No need to work out your pet's true age, the C.A.R. system will do it for you. Just make sure that their weight and date of birth is listed.
    • Personality Listing: If your pet is shy, protective, curious or aggressive, you can let vet clinics and councils know by choosing the personality type from over 50 options.
    • Height & Weight Listing: V.I.Pets' height and weight can be added to the system for easy access during vet appointments. By updating the record regularly, you will be able to view and compare your pet's height and weight over time.
    • Gold Theme: Enjoy the gold colour theme for all panels and buttons on our online system across all devices.
    • No Expiry (Lost Pet HUB)Lost Pet HUB listings for standard pet owners expire after 14 days. For V.I.Pet owners, Lost Pet HUB listings will remain active until your pet is found.
    • Priority Listing (Lost Pet HUB)Lost Pet HUB listings for V.I.Pets will always appear first on lists and in search results regardless of how old the listing is.
    • Additional Fields (Lost Pet HUB)You will have the option to add additional content to your Lost Pet HUB listing such as your pet's profile image, your mobile number, the last location where your pet was seen and an optional reward. These fields will be visible to all users.
    • Missing V.I.Pet List (Lost Pet HUB)The moment a V.I.Pet is added to the Lost Pet HUB, the listing will appear on the national Missing V.I.Pet List which is visible to all C.A.R. users and members of the public from the Lost Pet HUB homepage.
    • Customisable Pet Widget: V.I.Pet owners can choose up to 4 pets to appear on their home screen. This widget displays pet profile pictures, pet status and also acts as quick links to the pets' records.
    • Pass-On My Details (Online)If C.A.R. receive a call, email or change of ownership request from someone who HAS or is suspected to have your pet, C.A.R. can pass on your first name and contact number to them so that they can contact you directly to get your pet back to you. Only V.I.Pet owners can opt for this service when marking their pet as missing online.
    • My Preferred Vet: V.I.Pet owners can list their preferred vet practice on their pet's record. Should another vet or council need to get medical information about your pet in an emergency, they can easily get into contact with your vet.
    • My Pet Insurance: If you have pet insurance, you can now add your insurance provider and membership number to your pet's record. This allows vet clinic staff to easily access the information during consults.


    What if my pet isn't listed on a national database like Central Animal Records?

    If your pet is not listed on a national database, it is unlikely that your pet will be returned to you if they go missing as there will be no contact details linked to your pet's microchip number when scanned by a vet or council.

    With a CARMA Rewards Club membership, you can list your first pet on Central Animal Records for FREE (normally $10). You will then get immediate access to all of the above V.I.Pet features for an unlimited number of animals.

    Note: If your pet is already listed on another national database, you will not be able to make use of the V.I.Pet features.