Become A CARMA Rewards Club Partner

We have plenty of opportunities for individuals and businesses wanting to work with CARMA Rewards Club. Explore the options below and contact us if you require any additional information.


Promoter: If you're a CARMA Rewards Club member, you will already have a referral code. By providing this referral code to your friends and family, you will be able to earn a bonus entry for every person that joins CARMA Rewards Club using your promo code.

Your bonus entry will give you more chances to win this month's giveaway.

No Application Required - Login To Access Referral Code




Business Partner (FREE): We're always looking to expand the range of discounts that we offer to our CARMA Rewards Club members. If you're organisation operates in Australia, we'd love to hear from you.

Simply tell use what your product is and what discount you can provide to CARMA Rewards Club members and we'll get your business in-front of our clients within 2 business days if your request is approved.

Application Required - Business Partner Application




Premium Partnership (Limited Slots): We have 11 slots for premium partners. This unique and limited opportunity will place your brand front and centre on our home page. Your brand will also appear first on the discount list for your category. 

Your brand may also be allocated 1 giveaway per year where the prize will be listed as being 'Brought To You By [Your Brand]' in ALL of our marketing material! There will be no additional fee to be listed as a sponsor, however if you would like to supply second or third place prizes, we are happy to accomodate this.

Finally, we will send a dedicated promotional email for your brand once per year to our members who have opted-in top receiving marketing material. Our brand can provide us with the content and assets, but the email will be sent by CARMA Rewards Club and the contact details of our clients will NOT be shared under any circumstances.

Premium partnership agreements last 12 months and existing premium partners will always be given first preference to renew the agreement before we consider applications from new businesses.

$2,000 p.a. Marketing & Admin Fee For Successful Applications - Contact Us