Over $1,600 In Prizes Won So Far

Over $1,600 In Prizes Won So Far

Have you ever wondered who the lucky ducks are that snagged the prizes in our past giveaways? Well, wonder no more! Here's a list of our previous giveaway winners that will make you green with envy (or maybe just happy for them, we're not judging).

1. Surprising Stephen

First up, we have Stephen! Stephen received a call in January letting him know that he'd won an Apple iPad. Stephen originally signed up for CARMA Rewards Club so that he could get access to V.I.Pet for his family's new puppy. He didn't expect to win a free iPad.

"Super excited! Thank you very much, CARMA Rewards Club. Love the service and I know my wife will love her new iPad."

2. Speechless Taylor

Next on the list is Taylor who scored a Ryobi Tool Kit after being a CARMA Rewards Member for just one month. Taylor is now ready to tackle any renovation or D.I.Y. project!

All she could say was, "I'm shocked!"

3. Lucky Lauren

Then we have Lucky Lauren who won a Nespresso Vertuo Bundle that would make even George Clooney jealous. CARMA Rewards Club has turned Lauren's luck around.

"Pretty damn amazing! I don't normally win anything."

4. Could You Be Next?

The winner of our April giveaway has not been drawn yet. Who knows, it could be you who receives a call this month letting you know that you've won an Xbox Series S or $550 gift voucher to spend on whatever you like.


CARMA Rewards Club gives you access to over 260 discounts across 16 different categories. The free giveaways we run are just our way of saying thanks to new members and members who renew their monthly membership. So what are you waiting for? Join CARMA Rewards Club today for just $2.49/month and cancel anytime.

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