CRC BASIC Membership

A subscription that gives back.

Save: For just $2.49 per month, CRC members can access the premium V.I.Pet service for Central Animal Records plus over 200 discounts on big name brands across 16 different categories!

What is V.I.Pet? V.I.Pet unlocks over 20 additional features for pet owners who use Central Animal Records. Many of the features are designed to be of benefit when pets go missing.
Note: If your pet is already listed on another national database, you may not be able to access V.I.Pet.

Win: We also give back to our members by issuing free giveaway entries for our exclusive giveaways. The longer you're a member, the more bonus entries you will receive each month.
Support: For CRC memberships, we also donate 5% of all revenue to animal welfare organisations, wildlife conservation, humanitarian projects and green initiatives.